The Known Diabetics Type

I have provided a way for diabetics to learn how diabetes grows in a their bodies, and in the process, how to gain the beginning of the understanding a doctor would have. I will call this person who is using the graph to leam, the “domestic expert” or just doctor. Remember I said, you can cure your diabetes.

chart against diabetes

I have analysis for you that you will use to find why this illness comes to you. We will use a chart here I created. It has five columns named Monday through Friday. They will have five sections named top to bottom: Reading, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack/Stress. Go ahead and create the graph and I will check it. OK, let's see how I filled out my chart, and you can copy it.

The Data represents our current week's diet and lifestyle. Using a chart, and by recording everything, is how I began a disciplined program to achieve a reduced glucose number.

Using Charlie's chart, Tuesday increased 18 points, and you need to analyze all possibilities. In this case, the fries were part of the problem, also with the stress of a review speech to give. Both can contribute to diabetes. Stress can directly cause some, about 10 of what the wrong food can. Some people are under stress most of the day. And in this case, develops strong diabetes, and this is a a special kind. They need to use stress reduction activities.

5 Famous Diabetics You May NOT of Known AboutIn using the chart, the military would call it “obtaining intelligence” then analyzing and determining where and how the enemy is creating a threat that has to be taken care of. For the diabetic, it will be interesting, challenging work and a basic building block of the self-help approach. Anyone who uses the chart is in a position of finding what causes their illness, and in a position to consult with a doctor on their health if they wish.

We have given the patient the position of diligently finding the causes of their ailment, and who will learn the most as patient.

In this second group, we can say hello to the “domestic expert” to be for us. He appears in the book in detail, but a brief appearance here may be helpful. The “doctor” has a graph that has columns for Monday to Friday. There is at the top the glucose-reading while fasting that day. The columns are filled daily with meals and an occasional stress event. By comparing the column fasting readings and consumed food and stress, the “Doctor” is challenged to find why one's glucose # goes up, identifying the larger amount of diabetes to be concerned about, and how to control this. Also, controlling the disorder is a function of the person with discipline.

You create a graph-data table. If you had an automobile heading at you with great speed, you would do something to avoid it. Your table has five columns named Monday through Friday. Each day starts with the glucose reading, fasting, and is followed down the day with Breakfast, lunch. Dinner, and snack.

Let's peak in starting with Wednesday glucose reading, fasting, 125, then Dry Cereal decaf coffee for Bkft, Cheeseburger, fries, shake for Lunch, Fried Chicken, fries, Veggie, Grape juice for Din, and lastly cookies and a review for a speech to be given, in snack and also used for stress.

Now Thursday's glucose reading, and we see glucose 151.

The higher we see the glucose reading, the more diabetes you have, and the more danger you are in for blindness, kidney and heart failure, and amputations.

The patient-doctor has to have the discipline to record the information and begins to understand what is causing the increase in diabetes, maybe with the help of a parent. The patient-doctor begins over time to understand food and stress and develops the ability to use stress reduction techniques to handle stress, and the patient learns to like the good foods.

There is a need to use the supplements because these become your fighters to go after the destroyers in your bloodstream.

The first thing learned – Who gets it, and what is the cause of the disorder?

The treatment is stopping additional inherent diabetes, the role of the digestive system, how do we fight with the destroyers, the role of glucose, etc.

We devote ourselves to “The Fighting 8 Week Program”, page 229. in Dr. Ryan Shelton's, Winning The Fight Against Diabetes, day by day, to see ourselves cured!

We use the finger prick test daily to verify to oneself that they are staying a non-diabetic.

We live the role of a non-diabetic which is a formidable asset and support, no medicines, no costs, no bad feelings.

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