Foods That Increase The Risk of Diabetes

We all know that cattle evolved to live on grass. That’s what they were designed for. When the farmer wants to fatten them up and put on cheap pounds fast, he takes them off what they were designed to eat (you don't get fat on grass) and puts them on 100% what they were not designed for……corn and grain.

High fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup can cause diabetes

You did to yourself what the farmer deliberately does to his animals, you have taken yourself off the food you were designed for and essentially did what the farmer does to get your ready for market and put on cheap pounds of fat.

Now some of the animals can not take this diet and will die on the farmer, so he gives them chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, to try to make them survive long enough to get to market.

Does this sound like what they are doing to you? Bad health because of being fed food you were not designed, making you ill, so they give you chemicals (prescriptions, they call them) to try to make you survive. Some survive; some with extreme adverse reactions (heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, strokes, etc.) do not.

The farmer's animals that don't make it even with massive quantities of antibiotics, hormones, etc., are just picked up by the rendering plant. They grind them up whole, cook them to mush, to sterilize the rotting body, can and sell them to you as canned dog food.

Foods That Can Cause Diabetes – Refined And Processed Carbohydrates, And Saturated Fats

The humans caught up in a similar system, are barely keep half alive for years, eating this now “standard” processed foods, propped up with chemicals, (pharmaceuticals) making a whole major industry.

A booming pharmaceutical industry, (fastest growing in the country) why would you want to change it? It sounds like they are doing a great service…… doesn't it.

Now if someone suggested you could live happily for years without all this by simply eating what you were designed for, they would call him a crackpot.

That is okay with me, as long as you know, you could opt out of the system, which is making Americans now number 46th in industrialized countries of the world in life expectancy. Here you can find more about Diabetes 60 System designed by Dr. Ryan Shelton

My position is I researched this for four years, I have opted out totally, doing terrific health, never better even. Works for me and others and we share what works. All common sense based.

I have not had as much as a cold, in four years, never missed a day of work and work 12 hours a day seven days a week. I eat as much as I want whenever I want and have not varied more than 4 pounds in the four yeas since I started this. In that time never taken any medication and over 60 pounds fell off.

Our body knows how to make me and you survivors. We just have to stop fighting it, cooperate, and encourage it. (that’s what I try to teach.)

Your body will be overjoyed, and won't disappoints you.

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