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This may be the most important discussion on the website. There are some adults and children walking around unaware that they are carrying a progressive disease. There are very few that have someone discover this silent killer. There for they are on a path to blindness, heart attacks, and loss of a kidney.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetesNeither they or we know if they are diabetic. We can’t leave them to come down with facing blindness, heart problems, a new kidney, or amputation of a limb, and not be in a cure program.

The Hypoglycemia Unawareness Group

We thought that we should keep the unknown diabetics together because they are a special group and unknown to people who can help them. What if you were one?

To get started in a cure program, they will all have to be tested, and they can test themselves easily, by using the finger prick test. Most pharmacies have the kit. This kit allows you to obtain a very small drop of blood, and the kit has a small meter to tell you the amount of insulin.

This is a special group to me because there is about 6,300 appearing each year, and I have identified most of them, and it is a special group because each does not know that they should be in a program that will lead them away from the illness. These are the ones who have never been tested. They all have to take the finger prick test. We need to see how far they have come being captured towards the serious complications of blindness, heart problems, kidney failure, and amputations.

The group needs a very strong program after testing. They started by only eating the “good foods” which consists of fruits, pasta, beans, popcorn, peanuts, oatmeal, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and bananas.

Also, the unknowns need to take antioxidants that are supplements of minerals, vitamins and herbs. They include magnesium, chromium, zinc, Vitamin C and E bilberry and alpha lipoic acid. These supplements will become their fighters to vanquish the diabetic destroyers.

In Washington, DC, there is the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It is a special group tracking diabetes. A recent report from them said by 2030 one-third of Americans will have the ailment. That means the person on your right, your left, or you. You want to bet that you will not get it?

Not me you say, I am only in my teens. Seniors will get it! Time magazine had a picture of an 11-year-old girl on the cover. Inside the magazine we discovered she was a diabetic. Also, recently the baby boomers, in their sixties, led all groups by having the largest percentage of any age group in getting it.

We start with our mothers. They birth us as a baby. We have glucose in our bloodstream. Without it wouldn't he able to use our cells to make any movements, just be a blob.

Glucose looks somewhat like a syrupy fluid. There why doctors thought sugar was a problem. Not so.

There are Two kinds of glucose, one at a fluid of 120 called a hyperglycemia and one at 70 called hyperglycemia. The 70 has the more difficult life. If their body goes below 70, they can go into a coma and fairly quick die. Most 70’s know this and carry candy in their pocket eat quickly. A friend Don did, but one day he forgot to put it in his jacket pocket. He was found collapsed and was dying.

Hypos can have their 70 go higher, but they develop diabetes. The hypers can go higher. I became a diabetic at a yearly physical with a reading of 146. My number continued up to 181 until I turned it around, using the cure until I reached 120 again.

The unknown diabetics come into this problem in two ways. One, they have never had a finger prick test to find out if they are diabetic, from the wrong items they have been eating. They begin carrying the disease in them and giving the destroyers the time to destroy parts of their body. Take the test yearly! If you have it, get the diabetes treatment program by Dr. Ryan Shelton.

The second way that could create an unknown could be that some doctors tell their nurses to tell the patient their number is between 70 and 120. If so, they tell the patient that they are OK. I like to use the number 84 to illustrate this situation. If a hypo, you are 14 points too high and you are a diabetic. You need to be on a treatment program.

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