Although the gluteus maximus muscle should be one of the largest and strongest in the human body, for many it’s atrophied and saggy. In today’s video we’ll discuss simple solutions to fix that.

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————————-Time Stamps———————–

0:00 Intro
0:10 Metabolic disease starts in your legs
0:54 Starting with Squats
1:47 DB Goblet Front Squat
3:17 Safety bar box squats
4:22 Bulgarian split squats
5:52 Belt Squat
9:10 Hip Thrusts
12:46 Deadlifts with Hex bar or BC T bell
15:02 Glute focused back extension
17:52 Reverse hyper
21:04 Leg press
22:45 Box Step Ups
23:25 TKE (terminal knee extension)
24:39 Rope pull-throughs