Healthy Meal Plan 9/Low carb/highly nutritious/weight loss/diabetic reversal.

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Ivy gourd/Tundra chutney:

Tomato pickle:

Hello everyone,
This kind of balanced diet has numerous health benefits.
6 members in my family and friends followed this diet religiously. And noticed amazing results after 3 months.
With this low carb diet:
1.Some of them have reversed their diabetes completely.(when diagnosed with high blood sugar, did not start medication. Started low carb diet and exercise)
2.Cholesterol and Triglycerides lowered drastically. 3.HDL (good cholesterol) gone up.
4.High blood pressure normalized.
5.Lost about 15 kg in 3 months.
Benefits are endless
Results are 100%
As we benefited so much, thought of sharing
our routine and meal plans that we follow.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting diet.(Individual results may vary)

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