In this video we are going to see if diabetic people can eat bananas, and not only diabetic, but people with uncontrolled blood sugar, and a way to use banana to lower blood sugar.

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In a diabetic diet it’s very important to have fruits and vegetables but a most common question is: can a diabetic eat banana? Well, in this video I respond that and much more.

Eat bananas as a diabetic shouldn’t be the question. The question is about the size of the portion of the fruits you want to eat.
The most problematic for diabetics and non diabetics is the quantity.

So how to eat bananas as diabetic ? Well, do as I say in the video. Wake up and take your glucose. Eat a medium banana and after 1 hour measure the glucose again. If the glucose got stable during this time, you probably won’t have problem eating bananas.

So Banana is ok for diabetics but depends on your metabolic condition.

Source of Glycemic Load information:

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Can Diabetic Eat Bananas – Diabetic Diet Meal Plan
Can Diabetic Eat Bananas – Diabetic Diet Meal Plan
Can Diabetic Eat Bananas – Diabetic Diet Meal Plan